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SHRED IN PEACE » Andreas Fransson, Liz Daley, JP Auclair, Sebastian Haag, and Andrea Zambaldi

This was a heavy week in the Mountain Shredding Community. These people had a passion for exploring the mountains and lived life to the fullest! I pray for their family and friends to find peace.

:/ that JP/Andreas news yesterday ruined my fucking week

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I’ve done some questionable things in my younger days.. Weirdest part is it was my idea in the first place and even weirder is that I was really psyched about it. Those images were shot in 2000 for a Willy Bogner Film called Ski to the Max and also ended up in The Game by PBP. If you haven’t seen one of his films before I recommend you start with the 70s.. magic!

Never ceased to bring a smile to our faces or make our jaw drop. SIP JP

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