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I'm Ben / 17 from Wisconsin / Skiing & Snowbarding / Soccer / Sailing / Wake boarding / Twitter: benjamaang / Instagram: benjamaang

ski or snowboard? How'd you learn?


I do both actually. I learned to ski when I was four. But as soon as I saw snowboards, I was hooked. I begged my parents to buy me one for years, and finally got one when I was 10. And I’ve snowboarded ever since, which is 8 years now. But a few years ago when we went out to CO, we got free rentals. So I figured, why not try skiing for a little and switch back later in the week. And I remembered how much I loved it. I was hooked again. And so for about 4 years I’ve been flipping back and forth between the two!


Peter König - professional pow diver | Isen7 x KLDSCP